Invoke command

invoke_command(command, options={}, &block)

This helper was originally intended to let task authors programmatically and easily determine whether to use sudo or not for a particular command. In practice, though, it's usefulness is rather limited. This helper may be deprecated and eventually removed in future releases. Its use is discouraged.

invoke_command "apachectl restart", :via => use_sudo ? :sudo : :run
invoke_command "cat /etc/passwd", :via => :sudo do |channel, stream, data|
  # ...

Note that the sudo support for invoke_command suffers from the same limitations as syntax #2 of the sudo. In general, it is more flexible to use run with an embedded sudo call, than to use invoke_command.


This method takes exactly the same arguments as the run, with the addition of:

The value of this option should be a symbol, either :run or :sudo, indicating which helper method should be used to invoke the command. If not given, this defaults to :run.

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